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First Lady Jill Biden Decorates Lawn In Display Of Unity And Healing

DOCTOR Jill Biden is celebrating Valentine’s Day by pointing out how much better she thinks her and Joe are than the previous administration. The Bidens, who support abortion up to the moment of birth and boys invading girls sports, think they are so much more kind and compassionate than the Trumps.

It is so rich for DOCTOR Jill Biden to post about healing and unity as the Democrats conduct a completely political and partisan sham trial on a snap impeachment.

Where is Joe’s compassion for the pipeline workers he put out of work by the stroke of a pen?

Where is his compassion for the schoolchildren who do not have an open school to go to?  Oh, I forgot..his unity with the teachers’ unions is more important.

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Without further ado, check out how DOCTOR Jill Biden decorated the White House lawn.

Isn’t that a nice little craft project? Now, watch the Doctor walk around with Joe and show off her project. The banter between the Bidens and the press is just sickening. The press is so friendly and kind and just all too happy to toss up softball after softball. Of course, they chit chat about the dog, Joe and Jill’s love story, you know, important stuff to the country.

Is it just me or does Joe Biden always look like he’s lost when he’s wandering walking around?

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The team at Twitchy put it perfectly:

If Melania Trump had put up a bunch of hearts BEHIND the fences and armed guards around the White House she would have been tormented and bullied off of Twitter. They trashed her for repairing and updating the Rose Garden of all things.

But since it’s Sleepy Joe’s sister … sorry … wife it’s super meaningful and stuff.

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