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George Papadopoulos Just Made Best and Most Mind-Blowing Observation Yet…

There is a feeling of “karma” swirling around right now.


The impeachment has turned into a complete and total debacle for the Dems. President Trump’s legal team literally made mincemeat out of the Dems and humiliated them on the world stage in such an epic fashion, I don’t know if they’ll ever recover.

But there’s more…

The Trump-hating Lincoln Project has fallen like a house of cheap/flimsy motel cards after the John Weaver child abuse scandal broke – and now people are starting to look into their sketchy finances.

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And it gets worse…

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Biden voters are having massive “buyers remorse,” and Joe’s doing so bad that the media is now putting out fake polls to make it look like he has “62 percent” approval. Nobody believes that nonsense. That’s like actually believing Biden got 82+ million legal votes.

But the best karma of all is spreading from coast to coast.

That’s the brilliant observation that former Trump aide Gorge Papadopolous made in a tweet he published on Twitter.

Here’s what he said: “We could see governors from both NY and CA simultaneously resign within weeks based on their actions which caused widespread death, destruction and loss of livelihoods”

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George is right.

This is measuring up to be a massive, massive blow to the Dems.

First off, the takedown of Newsom is a total rebuke of all Democrat tyrannical lockdown rules – and it just further proves that nobody *actually* voted for this COVID nonsense from Biden.


Also, Newsom’s takedown should have other tyrannical Dems, like Gretchen Whitmer shaking in their boots.

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And speaking of COVID, the left’s supposed “pandemic hero” – Governor Cuomo – turns out to be a serial killer.

Their entire “pandemic” foundation is collapsing before our very eyes.


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