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President’s Day cancelled

The calendar says President’s Day… but could it be the last time America celebrates the holiday?

The PC mob spent the past year trying to erase U.S. history, including all mention of our Founding Fathers – so it may be only natural that the holiday set aside to honor our leaders could be the next memorial to fall to cancel culture.

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The latest attack began with the movement to ban the Confederate Flag and tear down statues and memorials to those who fought for the South during the Civil War.

At first, they swore it was only about erasing the Confederacy and its defense of slavery.

Former President Donald Trump saw where it was going in 2017.

“So this week, it’s Robert E. Lee. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down,” Trump said that summer. “I wonder, is it George Washington next week? And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You really have to ask yourself, where does it stop?”

He was mocked for it.

Liberal comic John Oliver even compared the notion of going from statues of Robert E. Lee to statues of George Washington to switching from candy to hard drugs.

“Any time someone asks, where does it stop, the answer’s always… somewhere,” he sad. “You might let your kid have Twizzlers, but not inject black-tar heroin. You don’t just go, ‘Well, after the Twizzlers, where does it stop?’”

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NBC News confidently declared in a headline that “Statues of Washington, Jefferson Aren’t ‘Next,’” although it added that the issue is “complicated.”

“Historians who spoke to NBC News said such fears are slightly misplaced and that Trump is championing a murky interpretation of history,” the article declared, with one calling it a “false slippery slope.”

But now, it looks like the slope isn’t so false after all – because the left is sliding right down it, and taking the rest of America along for the ride as they attack Washington and other U.S. presidents.

“To me, I don’t care if it’s a George Washington statue or Thomas Jefferson, they all need to come down,” CNN commentator Angela Rye declared on the air last year.

And it’s been happening.

First, they came down unofficially, as protesters attacked statues of the Founding Fathers with the same gusto previously reserved for Confederate leaders.

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In Portland, left-wing protesters tore down statues of Washington and Jefferson in June, and in October knocked down statues of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

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Those are the literal faces on Mount Rushmore (also a target of PC ire), all taken down in a single city.

A protester in Portland bragged to local media that it was a “joyous moment.”

“It’s not vandalism,” the unnamed protester told Portland’s Willamette Week. “You’re doing something by taking down this image. There wasn’t rage. We were doing this thing that should’ve been done, that people in charge aren’t doing. It’s direct action.”

Even then, the liberal hive mind dismissed it as mere acts of vandalism – and not a policy to remove references to some of the most significant and transformational figures in American history and, by extension, the history of the world.

Except here in 2021, it’s now becoming official policy.

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The San Francisco school board voted last month to remove the names of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln from public schools, along with the names of other historical figures such as Francis Scott Key, Paul Revere, and even Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

On the other side of the country, New York has launched its own committee that appears ready to take the same direction.

The city’s “Commission on Racial Justice and Reconciliation” is going to examine statues and other memorials in the city, including ones honoring Washington and Jefferson, and potentially call for the removal of those deemed problematic.

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But this year for President’s Day, it may be wise to listen to the words of a man charged with honoring Washington’s legacy.

“Without George Washington, there would be no United States of America,” Mount Vernon President and CEO Dr. Douglas Bradburn told Just the News last year.

“[T]here would be no Constitution, which allows the freedom of speech, assembly, and protest, as well as the separation of church from state and without Washington we would not have civilian-led military.”

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Indeed, there would be nothing left to tear down – because we never would’ve had it.

— Walter W. Murray is a reporter for The Horn News. He is an outspoken conservative and a survival expert.

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