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Ted Cruz Sets Internet on Fire With His Bizarre New “Mullet” Haircut  

Ted Cruz set the internet on fire with his new “mullet” hairstyle.


I’m not sure what Ted’s doing here – this picture looks like an achy-breaky mistakey in my book. But I’m not one who likes “non-traditional” haircuts – especially on middle-aged men.

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You might have a different take…

Here’s the photo that has everyone talking:


Keep in mind, this is a left-wing account that posted the picture, so not many people had good things to say about Ted’s hairdo.

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Although, I am as right-wing as they come and I hate it.

This might be a bipartisan issue.

Here are some of the comments:


“Ted’s new hairdo has a “Gorilla Glue” vibe.”

“He should just Gorilla Glue his head at this point”

“Is that for real? Looks like the barber started a haircut, and then Cruz jumped out of the chair and it was never finished.”

“That is not a party in the back that I want to attend.”

“I always said the only good decision Cruz ever had was to grow a beard, but I never gave any thought to where that hair had to come from.”

“Prince Valiant Meets Joe Dirt.”

Ha ha ha…

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Oh boy, some of those comments are vicious but hilarious.

After all, unlike the left, we have a sense of humor and can laugh at ourselves – or in his case – Ted’s whacky hair.

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Who knows, maybe he’ll end up bringing back an old trend and making it new again?

“Make Mullets Great Again.”



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