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The peaceful takeover of the United States

This is an outline of the events of the past 70 years since Khrushchev announced “We will conquer you from within.” These phases are facets of an overall strategy run in concert with each other like parts of a symphony.

Phase 1 – Develop a group of academics that can infiltrate the United States using education and work visas. Route them into the U.S. through other countries. This phase actually started before Khrushchev made his announcement.

Phase 2 – Using this small “army”, gain jobs in the teaching profession with universities and colleges as the main target in order to spread the doctrine of communism as the real truth. This phase turned our higher learning institutes into indoctrination centers and is still going on.

Phase 3 – The indoctrinated graduates will work their way into every facet of society. The primary target, public school systems, will be turned into indoctrination centers. Businesses, media, the court system, law enforcement, military, and local, state and federal governments will be slowly entrenched with hard core and communistic leaning individuals.

Phase 4 – Purchase/take control of all information dissemination. The ownership of every newspaper and news station can ultimately be tracked back to one of five companies that are all owned or controlled by socialist/communistic groups. The propaganda will be slowly increased so that people gradually come to believe the lie as truth. Vilify and seek to eradicate all conservative media and communication.

Phase 5 – Spread ideology that will destroy the foundations of the culture. Use emotion as the force to push new thinking. The goal was to destroy the family structure which is the most important culture foundation. That started in the 60s with the sexual revolution. Then abortion, homosexuals, transgenders, and now more variations than you can count are tearing apart the family. Marriage is now optional and divorce is commonplace. The traditional family no longer exists for a large part of our culture. That foundation has been destroyed.

Phase 6 – Destroy the church. Another bedrock of our culture is our morality and the church. Many churches have been turned into a fund raising propaganda meeting place making the same promises “government” makes. Life is good; prosperity is there for the asking. Just pray and what we tell you to do.

Phase 7 – Prey on the degraded morals of elected officials and judges to control them. Use of prostitution and pedophilia to blackmail these people has been a large part of the control they have been able to exert over the court system and government officials up to the highest levels.

Phase 8 – Develop a culture of government dependent people. Increase the welfare state and encourage the entitlement mind set. Make minor changes to the welfare system so that it becomes a trap that people can’t escape. Destroy the work culture so that people are looking for government to take care of them.

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Phase 9 – Develop a climate of fear with accusations that we, the people, are destroying our environment which will mean the end of mankind. Develop a pandemic to fortify that fear and use it to drive the people to:

  1. Wear masks. This serves to dehumanize people. It engenders a feeling of loneliness and despair.
  2. Social distance – breaks the human bond that is essential to any culture.
  3. Take a vaccine – They have a proven cure. Vaccines are not needed. This vaccine is anything but a vaccine. It is an experimental gene altering concoction that has not been fully tested for safety and effectiveness. They know it kills and kills long term.

Phase 10 – Use fairness and emotion to develop sympathy for the less fortunate in the world. This will gain support for open borders to allow a horde of unskilled workers, terrorists and crimials into the country to further degrade the culture and allow for a ruling party to gain power.

Phase 11 – Gain control of the voting system. This has been developing for decades. Every level of the voting system has been attacked and taken over by hardcore communists and an indoctrinated populous. Barak Obama was given the victory by this fraudulent voting system. Hillary Clinton was going to the next president but the voting fraud did not take into account the massive populous vote that happened with Donald Trump. When that occurred, they increased the level of fraud which included:

  1. Adding votes to democrat candidates at the beginning of voting.
  2. Dumping votes into the system during the day.
  3. Changing laws so fraudulent mail in votes could be counted after the legal time frame.
  4. Stopping the voting near the end of the day to figure out how many votes were needed to win.
  5. Switch votes from Trump to Biden and add millions of votes to ensure the win.
  6. Ensuring democrat candidates won that would be needed to take control of the senate – i.e. Georgia and Arizona.

Phase 12 – After taking control of all three branches of government, fortify your position. Bring in the National Guard and install fences to prevent an uprising. Use the media to vilify the conservatives. Use a fake impeachment trial as a distraction to hide the real agenda which is fraudulently changing the law to implement Phase 13.

Phase 13 – The end game. Implement change to:

  1. Drive the country into so much debt that a depression will destroy the economy and the middle class – develop a elite/slave state.
  2. Restore communication with enemy states.
  3. Put in place laws to ensure the control of the voting system and ensure long term control/stay in power.
  4. Restrict travel to prevent an uprising.
  5. Reduce the population with gene therapy cloaked as a “vaccine”.
  6. Destroy conservative news outlets/media and conservative points of view.
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Summary: I’ve been around for most of this and I’ve seen it develop not knowing and honestly not caring how it would turn out. I’ve always been someone who likes to look at the big picture … now I see it and I don’t like it. Accusing conservatives of the things you are doing, using cancel culture, intimidation, and threats are all part of their operational tactics … just plain evil.

This last phase will ensure the enslavement of the American people without a major bloody invasion and without a civil war. This last phase is not complete and we have a very short time to wake up and see what has happened and what will happen to us and our country. The time to mobilize and take our country back is now.

We can no longer depend on things turning out right. We can’t depend on our military stepping up and taking the country back. We can’t think we can vote ourselves a better future. We can’t depend on people in government doing the right thing. We can’t sit back and say “It must be God’s will.” Our sins have removed God’s blessings and evil has taken us over. We either let it happen or we stand up and put a stop to it. The left/socialists/progressives/Marxists/communists are counting on their programming of us to be successful and for us to be complacent and accepting. Are they right?

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