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Wind Power Can Leave Even Texans in the Cold

Last I knew, the USA led the world in energy production. But a war on energy production has begun. The state most associated with energy production is Texas. Under Biden’s handlers, even Texans can expect to see more stories about power outages:

Temperatures Monday night could dip to near single digits after a weekend with highs barely breaking 40 degrees. Western and northern areas of Texas have already been coated by ice that has taken out large swaths of power generating wind turbines as power demand soars.

Laments Public Utility Commission Chairman DeAnn Walker,

“My understanding is, the wind turbines are all frozen.”

Leslie Sopko, communications manager for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, confirms that they have had “a significant number of wind facilities that had to be taken out of service due to icing.”

The wind turbines that have been coated in ice will need time and warmer temperatures before they can function again, says Ramanan Krishnamoorti, chief energy officer at the University of Houston.

Sometimes warmer temperatures are not enough, because the ice weighs down and breaks the expensive turbines, thankfully preventing them from chopping up more eagles and hawks.

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Wind generates 20% of the electricity in resource-rich Texas, due to massive subsidies. Imagine if Biden et al. phase out fossil fuels over the next few years as they have been promising. A cold snap will mean freezing in the dark. If you try to stay alive by burning furniture in the fireplace, environmentally correct neighbors will turn you in to the Green Police.

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